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​​Headwaters Marketing                             Market System-Inspired Value Strategies                                            Aligning Business to Todays Success Requirements

For many, marketing has lost its effectiveness, become more complex and falls back into a lower cost center status competing for investment with other business priorities. We're sensitive to existing strengths, unique needs and closing gaps where you really need it. There are no band aid fixes so we shaped our value so we can add high impact actions most miss, now as a new competency for you immediately and beyond.

Human-centric view to business integration


Start with a two way assessment.

Show real confidence by sharing what you have and invite objective input by seasoned sources.

Our 1-3 day analysis reveals many a hidden treasure. Ideal for small business & those unsure that anyone see what they miss.

Our 1 week assessment includes an executive team interview andanalysis that by example defined the path office furniture giant Steelcase took to shift from 3rd place to the current market leader. Kudos to their openness.

Our full and ongoing analysis creates and sustains market leaders & enables teams.

SEE MARKETS - How CMO, CXO, CIO and CEO's can adapt & thrive.

Ride the bleeding edge sans sleep loss.

- Develop internal mastery of your present and future as one naturally integrated approach.

- Monitor your market where it matters.

- Gain objectivity on tap.  

- Gain greater confidence as your team gains buy in, alignment, inclusion and creates a higher market value.

- Innovation has always been a Holy Grail necessity. Now its achievable with greater certainty.

Better yet, we make it all easy and inclusive so you can run your own future soon after we show the way.

​​Expanded Digital, Video, Animation and Interactive Design Capabilities.

Video: The videos in our portfolio are fairly straightforward product demo videos done locally. We took total marketing responsibilities for a fitness equipment startup and revitalized their brand, mix, channels, and got sales approaching $3M after just two years and a rather limited budget. Video helped to engage audiences.

3D Animation: This is an exciting capability we are adding that really engages audiences telling your story in the most appealing way. Affordable and outstanding.

2D & Explainer Animations: These  animations help tell your story in a budget way while engaging.

Interactive and architectural animations: We like to blend user interaction with engagement so welcome that scope of assignment. It can be case studies, insight, webinars, or Ted Talks.

​Market, industry, program planning. We look for the gist of what needs to happen to solidify the ecosystem that connects stakeholders with purpose, value and effectiveness. We defined global market and program plans into actionable strategies that exceeded sales estimates by 2X-10X. That was not because our plans were super detailed, long or safe. That was because we discovered significant needs, gaps, trends, the path to credibility, emotional motivations... capitalizing on them quickly and assuredly.

Broad and deep power in a small form factor. Agility drives technology success as well as ours. It's geared to be your fresh advantage; your easy on ramp. Having mastered all aspects of marketing,  brand and communications, we just expanded our value context so you can act faster and surer. Bring us in as strategic difference makers while still keeping existing sources or have us lead some strategies and tactics. Make it painless. We respect your team and know the the view we can provide  completes a prettier picture.

Define your next gen solution. Our systems view of how markets define value and our possibility thinking approach to connecting parts few see or imagine delivers a kick-ass solution to inspire new  products, markets or alliances and partnerships.

Define your next gen solution

What differentiates us uniquely benefiting you? Our ability to catalyze your best.

​1. We respect the work that current marketing teams- internal or external - need to do, so we offer a layer that ensures higher impact.

​2. We offer marketing with a mindfulness to your business, key functions, markets and how all interact to shape your highest value.

​3. Not being a big, expensive, intimidating firm yet with proven experience, we help make your transformation rewarding and easier.  

New economy alignment.                           - Hire us to identify and close performance gaps and often missed opportunities. We shape strategies that are authentic, higher impact and aligned to market criteria and preferences.

- We do full marketing implementation or shape insight & timely opportunities @ market speed. 

- Rise to Marketing 4.0 and revitalize your organization.

- Strengthen marketing by integrating it with innovation and a more open culture.

- Watch sales, support and R&D also benefit.

Brand - Persona and Strategy.Add dimension, relevance and a "we listen and care" reflection. Connect brand to purpose, insight, value & vision. Originate who you are authentically as a true VALUE in the new connected economy.

Social Reputation Management. Understand exactly what customers and prospects are saying, when they are ready to buy and competitor movements & comparisons. This 360 degree view is invaluable to sales, support, marketing and R&D integration.

PR can be your strongest arm to marketing.

​Shift from trite, low impact, conventional push PR to engage, shape and anticipate industry dialog about what matters. Consider market insight, pre-conditioning, credibility, social context and purpose as rare, higher impact advantages. Put HP's all time highest performing PR 7 market strategist on your advisory team.

Product Launch / Platform design & relevance.

Our objectivity, trained market eye, systems thinking & customer empathy assure all the great work you do to ascertain a strong technical offering is seen as relevant and credible, which buoys adoption stronger than any other means.

True Integrated Marketing & Business Models. ​Everything is agile and connected around a few vital strategies and customer-centric values.  Expand on this internally so your team is aligned as well. Open up your culture & open up your world. It's exciting and the new stability.


Design and design think. Go well beyond engagement to next gen systems thinking. Our talented graphic designers, animators, thinkers and doers make it real. GPS helps you find your socks after we blow them off. Our help inspires & enables creative firms to do far more where innovation, strategy and relevance apply. Are you immune? 

Video animation & CGI. ​We have talented international and local animators and computer graphics imagery people. Plus we bring the cost of animation down to reasonable while increasing the value.  Shape your story. Connect, inspire & delight. 

IOT - Web Marketing, Mobile, Inbound & Out.

Digital expands though it does not replace strategy.  Our talent team includes professionals we have worked with to form enabling, quality relationships. Have resources you prefer? Watch how our help turbocharges that value without stepping on their techno-color creative toes.

Analytics & Strategic Foresight. Shift info overload to on demand agile access to time-sensitive impact opportunities.  We make correlations between change, what is measured and what impacts authentic strategy. Strategic foresight presents true future indicators and sound logic that to date has revealed game-changing ROI as a norm. Strategic foresight helps your brand intersect with your near future customer. It also is key to company sponsored intrapreneurial investments as part of our unique strategic innovation support.

​​The Best of Seasoned New Thinking and Proven Experience ON TAP.​Broad high impact marketing, innovation, and change experience plus wisdom  gained forming enabled teams and market regard translate to help the way you really need it today without the pomp and circumstance. In that we were pioneering what's hot now as far back as 20 years ago, imagine the advantages we bring to you today as continuous learning has been our constant advantage.

Get Struck by Inspired Lightning:

1.  Assessments reveal opportunities to shape & deliver higher impact.

2.  BOD Transformation or Strategy alignment. 

2.  CMO, CIO, CXO ON TAP to add clarity and augment strategic gaps. 

​3.  Innovation: Greater Certainty, Decision Speed & Impact.

4.  Integrated Business Thinking = Integrated Internal/Market Solutions.

​5.  Business Agility - a bi-product to a smarter, open business model.

6.  Organizational empowerment across customer touch points.

​7.  Artificial Intelligence enabled agile, competitor & market insight.

8.  Conscience Business Organization Model Infuses Alignment.

9.  Credibility & Brand Value Strategies Turbo-charges PR and Value.

​10. Purpose, Passion, Pathways, Preference as One Natural System.


Get past expecting revenue growth and on the path to earning it. Are you consumed by busywork versus enabled to define and pursue work that matters? Starting that path just became possible. 

If you need extra convincing, as most do, check out the latest Deloitte/CMO Council report that reveals a mandatory expectation of marketing by CEO's and staff to deliver revenue growth. Learn why most (approximately 85%) fall short and the CMO position can be short-lived or why marketing can be devalued at a time when it should be the most strategic asset. Shift from a high risk, cost center to a high value profit center. That is all we know and soon what will drive your success. Discussing marketing complexity is preaching to the choir. But enabling you to do what you love while also doing what earns revenue growth, is a welcome back call to work you care about. Elevate marketing to its full potential to shape high market & internal value & yes, revenue growth. Our mission & capabilities are tuned to create real agility, insight to strategy, to decisions, at market speed, enabling you to do work that matters.

The most important thing you have to do.

​A. Embrace a more conscious and objective view of where your business, organization model, mindset, skills, and approach really stand. Not inviting or knowing this is the biggest risk any organization can face while knowing it, reveals an organic path to success in a world demanding reality checks. 

B. Reconnect with a world ready for authenticity, value and to reward organizations that strive to make a difference.

​OK, so it says that on your website, yet its hard to quantify in the hearts and minds of customers or employees. Get beyond rhetoric.

Our ability to tune help exactly where it will have the highest impact internally and externally, encompasses the following:

1. Start with an objective internal & external view of where you really are. Tune to opportunities few see, that identify and increase performance, revenue growth, innovation, inclusion, and close gaps limiting your business value footprint. Make work matter.

2. Our agile, integrated marketing & innovation approach is well ahead of most experts and yet spot on to market readiness.

3. We only offer impact help where you really need it thus as a partner invested in what you already have that works.

4. Trust is everything, so our services, and how we position you internally & externally are geared to earning trust & outstanding ROI.

5. We have pioneered and advanced approaches that leading researchers are only now recognizing & validating the what's & whys,

    but we reveal hows that define the next gen of leaders, value, trust and evolved systems thinking and strategic foresight.

Our breadth won't overwhelm. Our approach will take your breath away as few imagine help like this even exists.