Books & Authors Works We Recommend:

​Value Creation - The definitive guide for leaders.

Gautam Mahajan  This book offers the most  comprehensive foundation for perhaps the most overlooked, highest impact stratengy any organization of any size can apply and expect far higher regard and revenue growth. Especially at  a time when any revenue growth is increasingly rare.

it's my privilege to partner with Gautam towards helping organizations to master this and to sustain that mastery quickly and over time. We have since evolved value creation further so as it sits today, it should be your leading strategy for success, synergy, regard and more. It offers a fresh and welcomereturn to our humanity in business at a time when that attention proves core to success in the new economy.

Why Right Brainer's Will Rule The Future Dan Pink

​This book is ahead of its time yet makes an exceptional case for why leaders need to learn or enable right brain mindsets and skills. It also strongly positions women for their strengths as aligned to empathy, understanding and conscious behaviors demanded in the new economy and especially in marketing. As a strong right brainer who thrived in extreme left brain environments, this is a must read for both left & right brainer's.

What's the future of business - Brian Solis

Brian has become a digital transformation guru and his work, like ours, originates from disciplined insight and research.

After reading Brian's book, it articulated most of what I had done 20 years earlier in HP on gut instincts. I emailed him to thank him and he called me back immediately saying "You mean to tell me most of what I promote as timely, vital and rare today, you did 20 years ago and for conservative HP! You can't retire. You have to help people as so few get this yet". Perhaps Brian can help you  to shift from martyr to visionary. His other works are also strong.

The Conscience Economy - Steven Overman.

Great read on people-powered businesses. This evolves the conscious economy to a more accountable, actionable conscience economy. The simplistic view is the prevailing truth that employees - treated fairly, inclusive to strategy, innovation and vision - are the engine that always could climb to greatness.

Digital Tonto - Greg Satel - Greg is a highly prolific writer whose topics often seem to touch on the lifeblood of change and how it impacts us personally, and as a business, governments, education and globally. I enjoy my interactions with Greg and highly recommend you sign up for his free newsletter if you want to participate in understanding the tenets driving change.

Organizations we  belong to that are poised to make a big difference.

Innovation Global Network -  Arthur Fox

This is a global organization of innovation consultants. Here bleeding edge innovation consultants share and discuss best practices. The real influence power of this group is evolving, yet offers an outstanding resource.If you opt to join, please simply mention Bill Van Eron as your reference.

World Futurist Society

I  was recently recruited to join this organization and did. I look forward to contributing to its mission to solve important challenges in our world today.

I have written a blog on "The Innovation Advantage" twice a month for over 4 years now. I value the role Innovationews does play in reporting on innovation and have been a proponent of them stepping up further to help shape innovation in Colorado as well as being the voice of the entrepreneur in Colorado. The horse has been shown the water. 

Deloitte-CMO Council - CMO Report. This very recent report - late December 2016 - does a nice job illustrating why a large percentage of CMO's as mandated to account for revenue growth and as prioritized to account for a positive customer experience, are failing at rates near or in excess of 85%. This is fundamental to understanding the need that we used to define solutions for the CMO, CXO, CIO and CEO. If you have trouble downloading, send me an email and I will send the report or register with teh CMO Council and download.

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