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​​Headwaters Marketing                             Market System-Inspired Value Strategies                                            Aligning Business to Todays Success Requirements

​​Marketing's in the best position to shape internal and external  relevancy and regard. .

1. Shift from a cost center to a profit center with outstanding ROI.

2. Proactively define your own priorities with full company support.

​3. Instill confidence & passion when pushing business to new frontiers.

      Get your business in flow!

Change is all about people. Isn't it time solutions and a new mindset enables people.

1. Get a conscious view to enrich your business and market ecosystems.

​2. Enable global teams to see value creation across all customer touch points.

​3. Stand for something that matters and improve your social value footprint.

headwaters Marketing work

​The forces and values driving change now shape unprecedented opportunities if you embrace them.

1. Solve global, national or local challenges as a solid path to grow revenues.

​2. Define value with a clearer view of employee, customer, & stakeholder needs.

​3. Earn credibility while breaking beyond all status quo. Imagine and deliver wow!


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​                                                                            PORTFOLIO

​      Web site design, brand, messaging, market strategy  Please note:Our design validates experience to now evolve to help

       companies, internal teams and agencies shape better insight, strategy and integrated thinking as vital to adapt , thrive and grow revenues. 


           Advanced Regenerative Therapies  (www.art4dvm.com)                                         SolaByte                                                                               


       New stem cell  treatment for horses and then dogs. We informed and helped to     This was a unique technology that allowed film studios to control up to six

       qualify vets while positioning the team as approachable and highly credible.           sharing's of purchased film media. We expanded this to outline a vision for

       Team: Mary Callan, John Patzman, Fred Palmer - site design and content.             a larger social media platform. Team: Old Town Media site assembly.

       ​ First Degree Fitness LLC.  Fluid Resistance Rowers and upper body ergometers.        Chata Bioscience Solutions.

        Headwaters Marketing acted as the VP of Marketing and our team took this                 We created the brand and captured the voice of their customer throughout

        Australian fitness equipment company from an unknown, unbranded, underfunded      this web site. Soon after the company got going and was acquired by a large  

        status to a $276K a month run rate. The brand and channel strategy was key to           firm. Team: John Patzman: Design. Rocket Jones: Site construction.              

        positioning this as a serious cardio fitness option. Team: Mary Callan, John

        Patzman, Fred Palmer site design, channel communications.



        Creative Learning Systems http://www.creativelearningsystems.com/                     Aurora Havana District Redevelopment/brand project.

        ​We were a sub to Crown Point Solutions. We did extensive research to define      We technically beat out 40 top firms as the only one to vision match all this could

        major opportunities to lead in education as well as 3 design directions.                  with a solid community vibrancy plan.  Unfortunately the BOD opted to retreat          Team: Bill Van Eron & John Patzman: research and design/content strategy         to just a retail zone. Team: John Patzman. Fred Palmer . Clear Channel SW.                                                                          


       Saber Sports Medical                                                                                              Inolytx Predictive Analytics

       ​This web site was part of the overall brand and channel communications             About 4 years ago, we recognized the need for a better analysis system applying 

       we developed for a unique adjustable dumbbell system.                                       Six Sigma. our theory has since evolved to strategic foresight.                    

       Team: John Patzman, Mary Callan, Fred Palmer.                                                  Team: John Patzman


        Finali Corporation                                                                                                  Hive Live - Social Media Platform

        Great brand and value creation effort. Company was soon acquired by               This was about the 5th or so social media platform to hit the market after Leverage.

        Convergys as attracted by our brand. Finali team was inspired by our work.       Our team played a leading role to define their brand, value and context.

        Team: John Patzman, Karen Marcus.                                                                   Team:  John Patzman, Karen Marcus.

        Conserve Lands - http://www.conservelands.com/Home.asp

        This collaborative effort was a great exercise in credibility, community and trust

        building as part of the brand strategy. Team: Fred Palmer.

        Dental Horizons - www.dental-horizons.com

        ​We branded them to establish high value and achieved growth beyond 50%.

        While the site has changed, the value tenets remain. Team: John Patzman.

        Additional logos and  brands we created or revitalized


      Other Work (PR, Collateral, Presentations, Direct mail)


           Advancing our digital & video animation offerings: Bob Feisthumel & Zain Shaw