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​​Headwaters Marketing                             Market System-Inspired Value Strategies                                            Aligning Business to Todays Success Requirements

Fact: Objectivity's the first thing all organizations lose & key to CVM.

Closed product-centric cultures, status quo, false pride and ineffectiveness creep in. Our conscious view of your market dynamics & how you can best shape your value offers rare breed of catalyst help. 

1. The causes of change are often hidden to conventional views, but bottom line impacts expose a lack of alignment & lower ROI across R&D, sales, marketing, brand, service, channels & partnership effectiveness = business decline.

2. Are you investing in your future & innovation or barely surviving today? Our natural integrated solution mindfulness creates greater innovation certainty, inclusion, pride & collective performance across all innovation maturity levels. 

Change in itself often triggers defensiveness, confusion or ambivalence. Gain that objective clarity you soon thrive by. Adopt methods that create "impassioned" attitudes preceding greatness.

Just a few of the warning signs we help to address include:

1. Why basics erode - growth, brand & customer regard.

2. Ideas & open collaboration stall. You may not know why.

3. Objectivity loss makes it harder to challenge status quo.

​4. False hopes that what worked before will work again.

5. Competitors are seizing opportunities you often miss.

6. Dominant knowledge (i.e., technology) overshadows and limits new soft skills vital to deeper value connections.




 The range of  Value Creation opportunities is vast despite

 each application delivering far higher revenue growth than

 other methods. We used it to shape a $300M Education 

 program conventional wisdom  stated as impossible.

 We used it to market an older technology to a resistant

 market by repositioning the value and user experience. 

 Revenue growth was easily 7X already high expectations.

 Recapture your market confidence by investing

 to improve your market value.

Make your pursuit of value one your entire internal & external ecosystem is proud of.  Enabling this path to success in human & financial terms is the key to managing short term priorities with steps that ensure a better future. Take the value path.  

Why Customer Value Management - CVM- delivers as a core strategy?

1. A recent Deloitte CMO (& CXO) report revealed most efforts fail or fall short.This does not.

2. This also should deliver exceptional revenue growth where most (85%) of CMO's fail.

3. The premise is simple enough to enable teams real time benefits, yet powerful enough to

    sustain an ongoing, differentiated advantage. Achieves organizational alignment & trust.

4. Common sense roots & uncommon ROI also enable greater innovation & agility certainty.

5. Integrates insight, inclusion, innovation, internal pride, ecosystems, purpose & performance.

6. Simplified solution enables teams to apply sooner. Our advisory shapes new applications.

7. Fill performance gaps most miss. Collaboratively enabling you to learn & act with confidence.

8. The cost of inaction and the pressures to manage short term demand better solutions.

9. High customer value equals high shareholder wealth.

10. Customer Value Creation enables more actionable insight and company-wide performance.

11. Nothing generates as much excitement & unity than defining real market value before others.

12. This closes serious lag time between corporate response time and market readiness.

How CVM can be applied - a small, higher impact sampling?

1. Shift customers from ambivalence to value champion ambassadors.

2. Offers a better path to penetrate, earn & shape your customer influence ecosystem.

3. VCS (systems) connects internal/external & stakeholders to define & validate future directions.

4. Strengthen your brand as aligned to the values driving change now and over your future.

5. Improve and learn from all customer touch points and genuine strategic foresight.

6. Improve corporate conscious with an easier on ramp and get past corporate unconsciousness.

7. Use us as your Chief Value Creation Officers CVCO until you can groom and hire one.

8. Maps perfectly to strengthen innovation, marketing, sales, support and R&D efforts.

9. Value migration as a better organizational, product and services road map.

10. Solidifies how markets see you as a leader, increased effectiveness in new product definition, speed and quality of ideas to actions, PR, credibility, HR, revenues...everything.

Why Headwaters? We apply futurist & integrated thinking to shape success.

1. We have been applying and evolving CVM since 1990 to create the highest impact programs, brand value, marketing, sales and multiple ROI factors including 2X-10X projected revenues.

2. We have also evolved marketing, and innovation beyond status quo & integrated it into CVM.

2. Our strong alliance partnership with the worlds best CVM expert assures you exceptional application of a strategy you can soon master that offers unlimited value and revenue growth.

There is a softer landing that also enables a more exciting climb.

Value Creation and enabling technologies humanize business while delivering higher performance and revenue growth.

 We applied Value Creation to shape the highest

 performing sales force team in HPthat achieved 2X the

 quota of all other teams, yet then served as the catalyst

 to greater nationwide reseller and customer value and

 quota achieved. We then quadrupled reseller

 performance globally by applying value creation to their

 need for help beyond typical corporate applications.

 This was foundational to the huge channel advantage

 HP enjoyed for decades afterwards.

 See how we helped Steelcase gain a CVM        advantage to regain its vision & market leadership inside 5 daysvia an informal review. To

 their credit they were open to outside in objective input. They too

 were hugely surprised how we "could know more about their

 business than they did". We do not claim that yet we just saw

 what mattered most. Put all previous notions of help behind you

 and embrace advisory help and solutions tuned for now that align

 you to your markets values and  criteria.

How you define value has to factor in how your customers, stakeholders and internal employees do and can see real value. The more genuine you are, the better your future.

We evolved Value Creation further to offer better answers today. This is how some others defined value creation earlier?

"The role of marketing is to create         "There is only one valid definition of business          " The only value your company will      

customer value and capture value.        purpose: to create a customer. Value is created       ever create is the value that comes

Create a customer strategy" Phil Kotler     for customers and wealth is generated for                from customers - the ones you have

                                                                      for owners. Financial people believe businesses      now and the ones you will have in

"To empower every person and              make money. In reality, businesses make                  the future."Don Peppers & Martha Rogers

every organization on the planet to        products for customers. Money is a result of

achieve more." Satya Nadella, CEO           earned by products delivering value that

on Microsoft's new vision                              customers are willing to purchase".Peter Drucker

How we define it in general?                                 How we evolved it so you can realize its maximum value?

Value Creation: Executing proactive, conscious,         1. It's a uniquely high impact revenue growth system.

inspired and imaginative actions that create                      2. Get past corporate filters to discover how customers define value.

better gains or benefits for customers and all               3. It takes a systems view of how value is shaped, changed, influenced.

stakeholders, including enhanced returns                     4. Its simply, yet powerfully unifies and enables dispersed teams real time.          

on investment. It's measurable, integrated,                   5. Superior sustainable advantage over customer experience management.

inclusive, differentiated and high impact.                       6. It's humanizing qualities are vital in adding agility, trust, and credibility.

CVM - Customer Value Management offers a             VCS - Value Creation Systems extends CVM and value creation across all 

higher impact than conventional approaches.                stakeholders, now as value creation ecosystems - the ultimate market value. 

Customer Value Management

The need to create value is synonymous with business. How come this simple, powerful premise escaped strategic attention...until now? Fact - nothing else delivers revenue growth, customer experience and regard like Value Creation Systems do. As an extra measure, we added insight & unprecedented business agility to act at market speed, shape enduring strategies, inclusion and innovation unequaled in ongoing impact. Got your attention?     We hope so as early adopters will rule the new value roost, internally & externally.

 See our wealth of other CVM & integrated value &  

 innovation strategies that catapulted sales, engaged

 teams and earned the highest market regard.

  HP & Novell - Credibility as a dominating force.

  HP  - Raising the bar on sales & channel performance.

  Agilent - Using value to redefine a major market.

  Agilent / Keysight - Flipping market leadership by

  changing and raising value perceptions.

  HP- Marketing an old technology to a resistant market

  by repositioning the value and user experience.

How is change affecting your customer and market?

1. The high impact of a major believability crisis affects all markets. Earn trust.

​2. Customers gain 360 degree transparency of how genuine your claims and your

    company are...or not...and they share.Earn regard.

​3. Engagement has to include substance, value and relevance. The age of superficial

    is gone. Credibility is the gold standard.

​4. People do not want to be sold or marketed to before others help them

    to discern where trust, value and purpose are worth their attention. Earn it

    and the ultimate prize - customer brand & value champions.

​5. High marketing complexity and disparate function solutions slow down companies

    efforts to become agile & maneuver within market shifts. Move at market speed.

6. Shareholder activists and BOD's force CEO's to manage to short term expectations

    thus cutting off vital investments in the future. Manage today with strategic foresight.

7. Influencer ecosystems & star quality influencers affect your brands beforepotential

    customers ever factor you into the discussion. Earn value & shape market dialog.

8. Purpose is more important to markets than what you  make. Yet most organizations

    fail to define purposes that inspire vital internal & external regard. We change that.

Work smarter, see more sooner, connect & act with synergy.

Most change is about people and values, so as and where you embrace &

enliven those values, you thrive. Value Creation Systems + critical & possibility thinking skills will define new value channels, influencers, pride & solutions.