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​​Headwaters Marketing                             Market System-Inspired Value Strategies                                            Aligning Business to Todays Success Requirements

​Headwaters Marketing

​712 Garfield Street

Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

​Bill Van Eron, CEO, Chief Market Strategist, Integrated

Marketing, Innovation and Value Creation.

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​Biz email        bill@hw2o.com or bill.vaneron@outlook.com    

​LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/in/bill-van-eron-8070296                                                 

Facebook          https://www.facebook.com/bvaneron          

​Twitter               https://twitter.com/billvaneron 


1. Originate or solidify strategy.

2. Align your business for the new economy.

3. Rev marketing up to 4.0.

4. To be a catalyst for a more open culture and new thinking.

5. To shape, stage and deliver one naturally integrated

innovation, internal/external, agile business modeled

for success in this new economy.

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