A Company Designed For Now

No hidden agenda.Just as your customers hate being sold or marketed to,so do all of us. We prefer ongoing relationships, but only if we see that we can deliver that magnitude of value that earned confidence & trust elsewhere. Our ability to determine that up front after an assessment is hard to match even  if you contract top 5 consultants, researchers, authors or solution silo agencies - CRM, research, BPM or innovation management. Why spend more $$$ + time conventionally.  

Actions and values determine who we are as it should be. Step up your game and win bigger. 

Alliances & Partners

Vision, Purpose & Mission

Authenticity: For reals. Design roots create a solid basis to original thinking. Learned humility, systems, critical and possibility thinking as applied in Fortune 100 + SMB, with a track record for unprecedented results shape our position of authenticity behind promises & outcomes.

A better playbook. As we assess your real potential, gaps and opportunities, our confidence in seeing and achieving it belies the fact that we always have. Keeping it real wins the minds and hearts of internal and external forces. Inclusion assures your team a productive future.


Our story is one of pioneering advantages you can realize today.

It's admittedly odd to be among the 0.5% that had it right for decades when our values are in enabling teams versus ego. Contrasted with the majority of leaders finally accepting the need for new thinking to achieve revenue growth - now a marketing mandate - we uniquely offer a better sense of technology and humanity-enabling systems when most push glaciated silo complexity, higher costs and speculative impact. We align business to values shaping change and regard with the ability to perform at market speed.

Pushing the value of success earned by instinct, courage and conviction further - while most play catch up to work we did applying open value creation and systems thinking to secure HP an unprecedented advantage between 1990 and 2002 - we now reveal far greater advantages and approaches that solidify even the best brands as well as those needing a better solution system. Now that markets have expanded transparency to corporate value footprints, if you are reading this, the odds are high that you need help where only objective counsel can point the way, why and how.  We see  opportunities, where most see stop signs. Experience the impact of advanced systems thinking, true paths to agility, higher innovation certainty & preparing and enabling people who have always been the force behind business growth, will clearly be the approaches that will shape tomorrows winners now. Put your hopes with proven winners dedicated to your success now.

Go beyond current marketing, business & analytic conventions to achieve value & relevancy internally & externally. Mastermind level catalyst help guides your success before you may understand the issues. Enjoy less intrusive, transformation  that create the new stability; open culture, unprecedented agility, innovation, trust & value. Headwaters founded in 2004 after a  bar-raising marketing career in HP, Agilent and across many industries & organizational sizes. We are best defined as teams all joined by outstanding impact and shared passion to the meaning in their work. Our goal to help organizations to become open, agile, creative, see & make faster, better business decisions, is all based on success using value as our compass. Our approach to "help" is fresh, proven and enables organizations to collaborate with their markets, while running an effective and efficient process. Our methods create revenue growth as a key outcome with greater emphasis on earning it as a system.

Purpose:Our purpose will always be to make a big difference & connect business to the greater good as a business advantage.Unlike agencies that value awards, we value and achieve multi-dimensional results. We respect the various roles marketing specialists can play while empathizing on what they need from you and you need from insight to help focus their talents on the right opportunity. But it is so much bigger than that as we push integrated creativity beyond its own status quo.

We have an incredible track record helping all size organizations to break out of their own limitations to create value that earns regard among markets & employees alike.   

Seasoned objectivity is priceless.What you tell us and what we glean from your channel, customers and experts, creates fresh, trusted insights and communications. These crucial conversations create a collective truth as critical to authentic strategy and growth. Most lose this ability but upon rediscovering it, swear by it moving forward. Direct human interactions & state-of-the-art artificial intelligence & social mining tools are customized to  

   produce insights you value sooner.

We live by the advice we give our clients. Our transformation gained momentum in 1990 to prove as credibly unique & insightful today. 

Requirements that seem so new today, have been our advantages for decades. Insight & outcomes push us past status quo.

In the midst of a serious trust crisis and when most will struggle to earn trust & business humanity, we offer:

Mission:Trust:  We are still in a major believability crisis. Customers now have online people-powered trust networks to shape every decision. Many companies are no longer even in the discussion.

Marketing firms create engagement but without substance, you are wasting your money.

Build credibility, relevance and value. Trust follows.

Our methods are both proven and fresh. Our commitment is genuine and productive. Our work repeatedly earns trust,synergy and revenue growth. We call this the "we" and value economy as primed for genuine trust, credibility and relevance as people have been deprived for too long. Let us help you to make it happen sooner so you can benefit.

Vision:1. CVM - Customer Value Management fuels marketing, sales, innovation & an expanded open organizational conscience.  Integrating all naturally form the new inclusive trust engines for crafting the ultimate brand value, responsiveness and insights that define internal pride & external regard.

2. A new breed of possibility, critical and systems thinker apply collective strengths to drive change  beyond historic & current limits. Open innovation & influencer ecosystems align to shape greater value.

3. Business becomes decidedly human, objective and conscious thus regaining that edge so vital to sustain success in the new economy.

​- Creativity has always been our compass, so we apply it so it leaps past its own status quo to adapt and thrive within your business and in your customers minds & hearts.

- Marketing has lost its luster of trust and relevance. We have practiced and see a far higher bar at a time when about 85% of CMO's are failing to fulfill CEO mandated revenue growth, so our focus is to help companies live that transformation by example.

​- Total transparency as gained in people-powered trust networks has already redefined the rules of business. We see it as a major opportunity when embraced.

- Everyone is trying to sell you something you might not need. Our hands are in your future, not your pockets.

Our Why

While our heritage emanates from design, marketing, PR, social  and digital roots, our preference is to work with existing internal teams or agencies that have yet to learn and apply what we know, but that will prosper and sustain those skills as a natural  benefit  of our help.

Where smaller companies have yet to discover the strategic benefits of any of our approaches or of leadership functions, such as a CMO, CXO, CIO, we can lead where gaps are evident towards bringing those capabilities in house.

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Fort Collins, CO 80524

Credibility: We've led global credibility efforts that proved as major game changing strategies.

Relevance: Our approach to systems thinking and ecosystem scanning reveals dots few see that we connect to create a higher value context.

Belief in others: Less like historic large consultants & agencies, we really invest in the teams we work with. Our ultimate goal is to help you sustain success. Extend that to customers & society to win markets with brands that matter.

​​Headwaters Marketing                             Market System-Inspired Value Strategies                                            Aligning Business to Todays Success Requirements

Power in a small footprint.Given the increased complexity of marketing, our work simplifies it on a human scale that is simply powerful and expandable. Are you wasting time managing specialists or are you orchestrating internal & external talent around timely authentic strategies? Experience one or two people with broad & new thinking, proven track records & success in today's demanding environments to guide you. Our talent team or yours? We scale to help you only as needed.

- We evangelize inclusion and customer value management with innovation as the catalyst to INTEGRATION as the best path to return to growth, confidence, trust and relevance.

​- This is a time of unprecedented change and insight-driven innovation. Our mission is to enable it by providing the unique cultural, creative and systems thinking support as vital to adapt & thrive.

​- Our collective future has to align to more people and organizations developing heightened awareness of what really matters and acting on it with conscience and agility so as to earn the highest regard. We are proud to be in a position to revitalize Corporate America, yet mindful we are ahead of corporate readiness and spot on with market values.

- We welcome alliances and partnerships that enable  higher transformation and value, and that serve stakeholder interests across - company, customers, employee, channel, partner, ecosystems & society.

- We already have relationships with leading Innovation management, change management, research and AI-enabled insight engines as well as welcoming others.

                                                                          Why Headwaters?

We bring an outstanding conscious and earned sense of the new playing field.  Our unbroken success ratio for game changing strategies defines our norms. That's something most experience once in a business lifetime. Our model affords you an ongoing view across a greater array of sources of innovation to shape impact strategies and decisions at the rate of market speed. That's real agility and your source of vital pride.

Note: we say "we" asall great work counts on inclusive, prepared, passionate teams. While our team or I serve as catalysts to synthesize a strategy, or spot the seeds in your thoughts and help it along or lead the first examples; the enthusiasm, buy in and inclusive work of our team - and as we expect to work with yours -  has been a consistent factor and exemplary of why we have such a high success rate. ​

Empathy: We understand your leadership challenges - personal and beyond: we help your organization, market and your customers in ways that help you to show they matter.

Pioneers: We have walked in your shoes and continue to make great strides well before any of this was understood. We left traditional marketing behind to pioneer CVM (Customer Value Management), systems thinking, agility & ecosystem scanning as  more conscious insight to customer needs motivations, resistance and trust criteria.