NEED: Company has been risk averse and gravitates to stability. Methods that worked well even a year ago no longer seem to be working but company holds on in hope.Where to go for  help?

SOLUTION: Headwaters Advisory.High risk

is holding on to approaches that worked before the market shifted that no longer work. See more, sooner and define new economy stability.

11. Channel relationship strategies.

​12. Industry program definition and 


13. Brands that listen and build value.

​14. Internal team synergy, validation of

      purpose, strategy and value.

​15. Future road map. Strategic foresight.

​16. PR as key strategic marketing

      function - shape market dialog, pre-

      conditioning, dynamic messaging.

17. PR as credibility building engine.

18. Internal team alignment to agile

      market model and value economy.

Challenge: Hive Live was among the very first with social platforms. They had no marketing,  positioning, brand or web strategy so we were hired to provide all of that. As a technology focused company selling a market focused solution, they also had to learn to walk the talk.This is a common blind spot for most technology companies.

Social Media

Solution Platform

Results: We developed an authentic logo and brand. We collaborated on web content and flow while also designing

other key ways to connect that value to customers.

The practice grew  at an exponential rate and is one of the most successful in a competitive geography. They exceeded revenue goals while earning strong community regard.

NEED:Company is struggling to beat competition. Would value game changing approach.Only has limited view of market and hidden customer opinion and value shifts.

SOLUTION: Headwaters assessment with ecosystem mapping & strategic foresight. Earn genuine credibility and market regard as aligned to your industry value ecosystem.

Success is a human centered system that requires simplicity and enabling principles. Our approaches apply that thinking with a focus on success you can sustain..

Background: As senior marketing advisor for 8 years in the Innosphere, advisors varied across technology, business, finance, legal and more. I learned a lot about startup challenges, needs, and limitations. I saw weaknesses in the incubator system, making an effort to solve challenges as I value what they do. Innovators also need innovative help.

Marketing & R&D have different cultures that often create walls. We work to create powerful yet simpler pathways to conscious alignment  across functions to power organizational pride.




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NEED:A funded startup or SMB now has the basics in place or wants more growth but has yet to gain strategic insight. They need a way to run a more competitive race and creative culture.

SOLUTION:​.Asessment, Ecosystem mapping, strategy, credibility, mentoring and inclusion.

Strategy & Results: Our small team crafted a great brand, created a compelling web site, earned multi-channel regard as we made channel success something they engaged in highly. Sales grew at about a 30% rate and by Y2 we approached    $3M and on track to $5M before company was sold to another distributor. Great insights to fitness market needs.

Challenge: 40 top marketing firms in Colorado were recruited to submit a proposal and bid to help a section of Aurora called The Havana District to shift from being a high crime multi-ethnic district to a become a thriving community.

Strategy & Results: As a systems thinker, this needed a solution that addressed the underlying ecosystem so expectations of real success could be reasonable.

Systems thinking & strategic foresight

Results: Finali visibility and relevance  received a strong spike  as did sales. Webinar participation was high and a strong credibility and sales engine.Convergys was attracted to the Finali brand - as their CEO stated  and bought them. Finali CEO Bob Burgin said our branding work did not surprise him but what did was how seeing and reading it all increased employee buy in and passion 10X even though he had been saying the same. 

Foundational Work - How We Prepared For Your Success

Results: Led a team of 8 grant writers to create a $25M grant response. Did not win it but Larry Penley and staff thanked me for the help, saying "it was now the model for all grants". Next effort won a $5M DOE grant to educate Native Americans, vets and disadvantaged women on the merits of a two year degree and a Electric Vehicle career. Universities struggle with enabling grant strategy and implementation. A more open culture is vital to solidify universities achieving greater effectiveness.  

High impact strategies

Bypass status quo with trust & regard

Challenge: Chata executives shared a bad experience with two larger local agencies. They needed a brand, better messaging and a marketing strategy to accomplish objectives as insightful to the markets they wished to serve. The CEO was very demanding yet fair.



    How to prepare for the future when today is so demanding? Start with instincts and a desire to do better.

     We love marketing and improve it by improving you where it matters, with minimal business interruption & max gains.

     Our leading edge strategic marketing services integrate innovation, insight, strategy, objectivity, inclusion, agility

     and cross functional performance. We are notably differentiated, higher impact and so far...rare. Change is all about stepping into

     better comfort zones to innovate past the grain of resistance and within thenew grain of market value and regard. Our approach

     creates simplicity where vital to connect internal teams and power where those connections reveal better insights, actions and

     results. Natural systems engage the mind, spirit and create purpose. It's about time. It's about what matters.

      Some of our building blocks:








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These unique HP case studies illustrate pioneering applications of insight, innovation, inclusion, credibility and systems thinking...

while challenging the status quo, earning trust and delivering between 2X to 10X expectations. These show:

1.  How powerful attention to user adoption and influencer ecosystems is.

2. Insight and relationship marketing as difference makers across sales, channel and brand.

Colorado Incubator for

technology startups

NEED:CMO busy with sales & complexity.Too busy to shape agile, future minded marketing model & enable innovation. ​No trusted counsel and internal team needs direction. Where to go?

SOLUTION:Headwaters advisory on tap.

​Marketing 4.0 = insight, strategy and alignment to new value economy requirements & innovation. 

19. Innovation, creativity, systems 

      and critical thinking "On Tap".

20. Digital & social value strategies.

21. Fully integrated, conscious 

      marketing & program solutions.

Call or email us to discuss any unique needs you may have.

We are eager to make a real difference because we can. Use us as a landing strip so your business can fly - increase revenues growth, renew confidence and spirit.

Change requires a new mindset and skills that catch many organizations short handed on answers, Our ability to read markets as a system and collaborate effective solutions closes those gaps.

Network Solution company

in partnership with HP

The Challenge: Steelcase, once the leader in office furniture & supplies, had a new CEO. I was recruited to help him shape a winning brand & business model strategy. I met with all executive staff over a two day period, did my analysis the next 2 days and revealed my findings and solution.The CEO called me to ask "how could a computer marketing guy know more about our office furniture business, but congratulations".  They offered me the VP of Marketing, Brand & Innovation position. 

NEED: Corporation wants to invest in intrapreneurs to regain innovation spirit.

The problem is the existing culture is not geared to support innovation.

​SOLUTION: We have an alliance with the top  innovators. Let Bill start you out and if needed, expand the innovation team so you can advance your ideas easier.


Our new web site better positioned them personally to earn trust and be approachable. It also opened up new markets through effective pain point and personal representation. The company was successful, got bought and now is doing fine.

The Challenge: Novell & HP wanted help to earn the highest regard in the high growth network technology markets.

See how we changed the value proposition and convinced a key influencer segment to earn the strongest market credibility.

See how this strategy helped to shape & grow the NPA (Network Professionals Association)

Fitness Equipment company

Fluid Resistance Rowers,

Steppers & Ergometers.

NEED:Internal team is not aligned.  Staff not on same page.Team feels no one listens to their ideas. Emotionally disconnected employees put growth at risk.

SOLUTION: Headwaters internal/external synthesis.Collaborative, objective discussions. Move to strategy and market validation. The net effect is inclusion, preparation and buy in.


Challenge: A new owner and the dentistry was named after the prior owner. Transition timing as well as new branding was important. The new owner wanted to assure differentiation and a deeper community connection, as well as an engaging brand.They also wanted to do their own marketing after we got them started. That was fine.

1. Market-inspired product launch strategies.

​2. Alliance opportunity analysis & plan.

​3. Corporate culture/brand revitalization.

​5. Corporate intrapreneur strategic and

    tactical market & culture support.

​6. Integrated & conscious marketing

    communications. .

​7. Visioning & unique purpose development.

​8. Market value definition and creation.

​9. Market positioning leap strategies.

​10. Market opportunity analysis &

    research as ongoing internal

Transforming your Call

Center into a Business

Intelligence Center

The following Agilent case studies illustrate pioneering examples of the following:

1. How relationship, partnering and open research created a market few believed possible.

2. How attention to perception and credibility helped us to flip from losing 80% to winning 90% of all sales deals.

3. Early indicators of the value of early market criteria benefits vision, R&D, innovation and integrated marketing.

Challenge: Great value proposition albeit hidden so our task was to help it to be stronger and have higher relevancy.

Strategy: We developed a web site, literature around a re-energized high value brand. We also developed key webinar presentations with beach head customers, such as Cheap Tickets.

Emerging & expanding needs where our approach creates a decided edge:

Recent quote from a local company that captures how we define help as a collaborative, responsive, impact, evolving process.

"Thanks for sharing that with me. I always love hearing your insights and perspectives as often it is stuff we as business owners lose sight of yet that makes a big difference. I like your ideas on how to shape my brand relevance and run a campaign of that nature. I like how your sense of brand shapes a value that is us at our best while further endearing us to clients and artists alike. Your example really does a good job of illustrating how to personalize the brand and connect the marketing action. Thanks for this Bill!"  Noel Cardinelli, CEO of Cardinelli Records



Insight alone does not assure success. We spot the factors that bring strategies to life or insights that shape authentic strategies & game changing leaps.

Challenge: CSU is a local university with far greater potential than they may fully realize until they learn to build bridges between what they can do and what industry, customers and students can expect from education at its best. Grants are a funding path for CSU yet they are unfamiliar with how to structure winning arguments or manage the implementation. I chose to help despite not being paid for a valuable outcome (Normally grant writers get 10%).

Challenge: New entry to very competitive category. Very little funding. Low understanding of marketing value by Taiwan and Australia based owners. No channel awareness and no brand visibility. Margins were about 20% so not initially profitable. Organization not well run but product was unique and high quality. 

A Foundation For Today

NEED:Company External Social Communities.​Companies try, less successfully, to craft their own customer communities.

​SOLUTION: We understandhow this works best so let us help you to define a site that earns and connects to your customer to earn their regard that this matters. It's not about you, it's about them and building bridges to you.

Inclusion - internal teams & external

NEED:Company feels they are chasing customers across difficult social terrain.

Chasing customers adds greater complexity & low ROI.

SOLUTION: Reputation management, value ecosystem & social mappingEarn regard and credibility. See what customers say. Act on real time leads. Win your customer influencer system over. Manage your reputation.

NEED: Same strategies as competitors. Lowering ROI, brand and customer experience. Greatly increased marketing complexity.

SOLUTION: Headwaters assessments & strategic guidance.We monitor market shifts and collaborate to create timely, authentic, high impact strategies.

Results: Being a team player and an active learner, I appreciated what I did learn from a wealth of folks representing traditional practices. Many entrepreneurs need this basic help. At best it prepared them to reach the starting gate but not how to run a competitive race. Only 20% succeed with this model. The work we do helps them to run a competitive race and we expect 70% to win.

HP Spinoff of Test & Measurement and Chemical Analysis Business was imminent during my stay. Great team and cross functional collaboration.

Results: The brand messaging, web site design and flow, and other collateral helped position them as a challenger in an already competitive space. Technology back then lagged market expectation yet they attracted a larger investor/buyer so the effort was deemed a success. 

​​Headwaters Marketing                             Market System-Inspired Value Strategies                                            Aligning Business to Todays Success Requirements

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