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How Startups can Leap & Sustain.

This blog builds on the conventional advice by The Harvard Business review while adding less conventional, higher impact guidance that too few have figured out yet.

Ten clues to the new business Holy Grail.   Most companies understand their roots and culture. Many focus on their job sans confidence their organization will embrace change, adapt and thrive.

Will enabling technology pass

humanity by or will we adapt?

The advent of smart and smarter artificial

intelligence may enable the few while

impacting  the many.

headwaters Blog

Ten things leaders can do to embrace change, see better opportunities & adapt & thrive .

This highlights several principles we apply to our integrated business solution.

Fast change economy redefines how you shape internal & external help in a networked age.If you prefer proactive opportunity shaping and real value creation over being a victim to job devaluation or loss, this is for you. Also check out "What animal has the attributes" to start shaping your own future. 

Unseen biz challenges microcosm of society at election time.

This blog points out characteristics of a trust crisis as more on display at election time yet that impacts organizations as a solution path. 

​Enabling Value Economy Worthy Organizations

Our blogs speak to innovation enablement and resistance;how to create an open culture and truly timely and unique support for corporate revitalization and intrapreneurism. We speak to a higher level of marketing that earns credibility, seeks and champions relevance, shows true compassion and considers trust its holy grail. 

We will talk about the value economy and value creation.We will challenge and inspire a new breed of leadership. We talk about creativity leaping past its own status quo to position it as a vital business and inter-personal asset. We will discuss the soul of business, people-powered communities and integrated systems thinking/ecosystem mapping. We will cover strategic foresight and anything stopping or enabling us to be our very best at a time when we finally are tearing down the walls that limited us in the past.

I say "our" and "we" as blogs live by your involvement and topics shift from wishful thinking and hidden truths to bold, people-powered initiatives and illuminating truths to guide us.​A major movement is emerging to integrate business with humanity as related to internal believability and alignment, external transparency and regard. Our goal is to support others trying to embrace the new value economy so as to enjoy the journey and make a bigger difference. Please join us or inspire us with your thinking as it really is all good.

This site aggregates blogs we write for a variety of valued sources.  We currently contribute to Innovationews.com and various media groups; including the Innovation Global Network, Harvard Business Review, Inc, LinkedIn, Digital Tonto, Google & Yahoo Groups and more. Posts appear on our Facebook and Linked In sites as well.

We also may share blogs from others on the bleeding edge. Your input is most encouraged.In return, we offer fresh, authentic answers.

RANGE OF TOPICS aligned to adapting and thriving in today's world


It takes courage to challenge the status quo  In the old days that was true but today, while you  may still experience  it in organizations that tend to be closed, the need to step up, care to matter and break out of status quo limits is huge. Hopefully this blog gives those of you who want to make that difference, a path.

Why an open culture is critical to your future.

Have you been afraid to make waves or risk your job challenging the status quo? Today, companies that do not enable employee and outside in input face obsolescence pressures.We serve as comfortable catalysts to the advantages of an open culture as in that environment people, business and  customers prosper. 

Artificial Intelligence holds the key to agility and so much more

Get past the fears of job loss  to realize work enablement. This technology saves so much time and lowers cost that it enables insight as an ongoing advantage.

What animal has the attributes you'd like to bring to your business in the new economy?

This is a cool opportunity to shape the attributes that will soon become required and desired skills, jobs and organizational competencies. Will profile the most interesting answers so you can compare.

Employee inclusion & innovation best path to customer satisfaction.

The Yin and Yang of business finally reveals the vitality of happy, enabled employee's on critical outcomes, such as growth, brand, sales and customer satisfaction.