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Every stakeholder should be a valued resource if the right questions get asked in an open culture. ​Imagine a conscience connection holding you all together which is what we help you to achieve as a vital win. 

How would you value suddenly being able to match insight to the speed of market opportunity?

Call us today to improve tomorrow. Start with one revealing question:

   Channel  Partners



​The nature of these new challenges has the power of a trust system to reward winners. ​You need one too. The nature of our solution earns both internal and external trust system buy-in and belief, over and over again.


Agile Insight

Gain an increase to your bottom line through increased innovation capabilities, fast threat identification and lower research costs making your organization more resilient and agile in the face of accelerating change.

The system helps you to define, gather, analyze, be inclusive, prioritize and distribute forward intelligence about products, customers, competitors, policies, strategies and your environment to support you in 'making better decisions today'. And, as it is fully evidence linked to the original source, you have opportunity to pause, savor and get the full story if needs be.

You receive instant, seamless, personalized, and condensed, hyper-relevant content, inductive and deductive scenarios, prognosis and predictions, a systematic suite of strategic decision-making tools, self-development, virtual collaboration and team building capabilities.

      Product R&D

Headwaters AI-enabled AGILE INSIGHT brings you a far more actionable view of your market thus enabling the basis for unprecedented business agility and ongoing industry, trend and customer impact monitoring.Imagine, acting at the speed of market opportunity.

Let us help you to see the advantages and set you up with an award winning solution directly or as part of our services.

  Analytics (Predictive)

​Leadership has never been in the position to have more fun and meaningful satisfaction (performance, growth, employee buy-in) than today IF they embrace the tenets of the new economy sooner than  later.

   Industry Experts

  What do you trust as your voice of opportunity?

​You're on the right path. Now travel it with agility.


  Your Executive Staff

      All Of The Above

   Conventional research eats up time, funds and returns low ROI.  

   Or be agile, smarter and enriched with continual high ROI at a very affordable cost.

   The answer's now as easy as it is dependable.              

​      A. See trends, strategic foresight, motivations & social analysis.                              

        B. Manage Patent research and value mapping.

        C. Determine competitor actions & shifts in market perceptions

    A.I.- driven research provides instant forward intelligence, scenarios &

    collaborative strategic thinking. Plan your future. Act inside shorter opportunity windows.  



 Sales & Marketing Team


Our AI enabled Insight Engine helps you to make insight your ongoing advantage:


How long does it take research to enable better decisions?

A. Research itself can take weeks to months. Most measures the past.

B. The future happens as a manageable advantage with strategic foresight. 

C. Strategies can take weeks to shape and still be the same as your competitors.

D. Decision time drags opportunities beyond their actionable window.


Are you in one of these forward thinking groups? 

Planners | Innovators | Risk Managers | Marketers | Consultants | Change Agents | Researchers | Product Engineers | Investment Managers | Security Advisers | Authors | Educators | HR Managers | Grant Proposers | Technology Scout | CEO | CIO, CMO, CXO, M&A, R&D.

Or are you a group that needs to be more forward thinking despite perceptions of lower effectiveness?

BOD | BOA | Incubators | Universities | Government, Healthcare | Fortune 500 | Industry Advocates | Initiatives | Causes | Green Initiatives | Wicked Big Challenges

If so, you can use the world's first A.I.-driven research, instant forward intelligence and collaborative strategic thinking to instantly forecast to plan your future and act in time.

  Your Gut Instincts

​Naturally, when you put your neck on the line, you want results sooner than later. ​You want greater certainty, agility, inclusion, alignment, innovation, more effective sales,marketing and the customer experience. All inter-related and geared for internal mastery. Until now, just a hope.