Mankind's best friend reveals lessons for attributes businesses and those advising them can better illustrate: Trust, responsiveness, agility, collaboration, fun, simplicity and constantly learning new behaviors.

We looked at your pressures, needs and opportunities as one system. We looked at the how the impact of change affects how customers see you measuring up in their system. We connect those systems in actionable ways. Better yet - like football - this enables you to develop a great short and long game without taking all the hits of conventional approaches. Are you game?


Biz Creativity

Escape status quo

While we push on to new frontiers, we still evolve the basics.  Gain Greater Confidence in the Value of Integrated Thinking.

Escape Obscurity.

People inherently want to do work that matters yet many champions get lost in companies slow to embrace the value of change. Similarly, being good is not enough when your customers expect more.

Fire in the oven.

Nothing fires up internal teams more than powerfully simple value tenets. Customer Value Management creates the fuel for

natural inclusion & qualified innovation.   Value has no limits or border. It exists in  every relationship and across all business     & influencer ecosystems. Make it your advantage.

Marketing & Strategy. 

Enjoy faster, richer insight to what matters. Map value strategies that deliver today while preparing you for sustained success. Align marketing with credibility, value and trust. Watch all functions increase performance.

In Nature & business Everything of value has a vital ecosystem. Let us help you to define, connect and build value across yours.

2. Business integration isn't new but integrating the ability to manage today with tomorrow is new and extremely timely. Resistance can't argue with success. We reveal paths today with strategic foresight about value intersections to win tomorrow.

"As a CMO, I want to proactively shape our market opportunities yet we get pulled into sales and stuff tossed at us. How can I gain traction on what matters and be more innovative, agile, and satisfied with how I achieve my own goals?

Culture Enabled Growth   

We catalyze a more open culture as that fuels inclusion, synergy, conscience improvement, alignment and emotional attachment to work and its purpose. Agility, performance and passion follow. 

"As a long time employee, I know some of what we need to do but I also know what management wants to hear and rather than challenge that status quo, I zip it. I WISH THERE WAS A BETTER WAY".  .

Invest in your people - By creating a success ecosystem.

    Why wait weeks or more for costly

   research when what youneed to

   engage real-time marketscan be

   available in hours? 

    Gain faster insight to your planning

   and strategic agility capabilities.

   See more. Make faster decisions.

   Gain an outside in view of where you

   are and how to close gaps to assure

   a better future.


Go beyond engagement. Add substance & credibility. Grow with higher performance sales, marketing, support, & R&D. Inspire internal inclusion & buy in with market regard and trust.

I run a business that now has many competitors. Most of us seem to be defining the same strategies, yet each expects to win. When strategy & execution  fall short as most do, how can we be more authentic, holistic and genuine as we raise the bar on how we are measured? Added complexity and traditional agencies/consultants fall short. Agility...translates to tail chasing to manage today. How do we invest in our future?

I am ready for something better. But I do not know what that is. Who can I trust to guide us?

"We are so busy dealing with the

urgency du jour that we miss opportunities that we need to see, evaluate and act on sooner.  Our future depends on it yet we seem stuck in today"

Integrated Marketing Communications

​For most organizations change is enormously personal:.We hear you.

Boiling It Down:

1. Raise the bar on marketing so as to earn engagement with substance, credibility, trust and inclusion.  Meet Marketing 4.0

2. Help your business to prepare for success as an internal & external support ecosystem. Make decisions with greater confidence in half the time.

3. We evolved to form an objective relationship as vital to position you as genuine to your influence ecosystem, something only the best can enable.

4. We know the formula to align your business to the tenets driving change in the new economy ...without driving you crazy.

Headwaters Marketing                               Integrated Marketing & Innovation Strategies.   

High Impact Customer Value Management.

If these factors are outside of your current thinking, success may be an illusion. We start with a straight up view of how external influences see you and collaborate on improving that.

Your future has a new playbook enabling youto see, determine and deliver value now & tomorrow.

How you see your markets and internal teams has to align with the values they expect in you.

Our methods help you as a CMO, CIO, CEO or CXO to finally experience:

  • improved brand, marketing and sales performance.
  • Shared values CONNECTing YOU & MARKETS.

Change your playbook to improve your outcomes. 2 of our guiding insights. 


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New challenges require better help methods.

We differentiate advisory from typical consulting in that we prefer not to take work away from internal teams where there is reason to enlighten, validate and improve on what they do as a collaborative, trusted process. 

Innovation Management.

We offer our own fast track  options and systems view to innovation while also applying the best of the top innovation management solutions. Increase the ratio of qualified ideas. Move them to go or no go decisions faster. Crowd-source & manage new innovation streams from employees, customers & markets.

Be an early adopter to enjoy the benefits of systems thinking and strategic foresight.

We started systems thinking and strategic foresight as a purely human way to  create value with markets we invest to understand. Today we augment that with the fastest AI powered technology to start with an accurate external and internal assessment of where you really are. Close gaps and seize opportunities as preferential to status quo indifference.

An open, conscious culture.

Avoid solutions that push change intrusively versus those that qualify, simplify and enable better questions and answers as crucial to buy in, inclusion, innovation & effectiveness.

Timely, objective review of critical assumptions, new ideas, insight & strategies.

If you feel certain or uncertain about anything, the value of outside in objective review shifts closed organizations to a more desired open status and assures greater effectiveness.

Purpose & value is far more important than technique or process.  When powerful yet simple human principles guide us, we feel enabled to apply ingenuity, work as teams and  champion progress. We also help define a new breed of purposes that are authentic and powerful extensions positioning you as highly relevant. Make trust your advantage, when so  many have lost it, its value is now extreme.


​​​Make innovation your strength. Make it 6X faster & greater certainty as a natural part of your business. Our system applies inclusion. The soul of your business is tied to customer value management inspired alignment & innovation.

1. Innovation is critical but it does not happen in a closed room. Flip that around and connect to CVM - Customer Value Management. The seeds of qualified innovation spread like a hive fueled by insight & purpose - pure honey..