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​​Headwaters Marketing                             Market System-Inspired Value Strategies                                            Aligning Business to Todays Success Requirements

​Straight Talk for Wavy Times

​Integrated thinking reveals more meaningful connections, moves you can make today that solidify your future and unifying your purpose with values your employees and markets care about.


What clients, thought leaders and past employers say:

market ecosystem value alignment

Revenues & brand value in decline? 

- Connect to the energy that defines your market.                           - Create a brand with deeper emotional feeling.

- Innovate boldly, inclusively, with far less risk. 

- Earn credibility, trust & relevancy.

- Align to the values and energy of your ecosystem.                        - Earn market regard before it sinks out of sight.

Our new market mindset presents opportunities where most see challenges. 

  - Adapt to shape an organization that thrives on insight, objectivity, inclusion and innovation.

​  - Imagine transformation as a river you enjoy immediately, versus as a huge, long obstacle.

  - Get beyond incremental innovation to add adjacent (major innovations to enter a new solution

    category) and transformational (create bolder innovations than existing products).

1. Gain true business agility where it matters.

2. Get beyond mere words. Shape values you bring to life, so your market sees you as genuine.

3. New game, new rules. Transform naturally now. Create the new stability that shapes bold without the risks.

​4. Get beyond your box to a stratosphere of conscious leadership and employees that now care to be great.

We understand why most company leaders struggle and why their list of top 10 priorities grows unresolved.   

Instead of criticizing, we factored resistance in to what may be the first comprehensive and integrated solution that creates a willfully contagious mindset to care to be effective earning internal and market regard.

A conscious design mindset with systems thinking skills will soon earn a seat at your leadership table.           We know this by practicing and evolving these skills over the last thirty years well ahead of corporate readiness, yet spot on with market readiness. We were excited by how Fortune 50 global teams embraced an inclusive purpose. Management  enjoyed unprecedented, consistent revenues growth applying  our principles for success. 

Our why: We see what is choking business from connecting to the pulse of the markets they serve. Create greater human impact - trust, relevance, purpose - as a world of opportunity once you get beyond the organizational fog. As your strategic catalyst, we enable better alignment to the business and market ecosystem that defines value, connection, credibility, and purpose. That drives revenue growth and a superior customer and stakeholder experience. A conscious view of your market and ability to act at market speed sans status quo, confusion and indecision that plagues most organizations. Improve your grasp of the possible where before only walls existed.

Success requires a systems mindset.  - - Stop pushing out info and your employees.             - Engage your business humanity to attract and

  keep the best talent. 

  Embrace the first naturally

  contagious success system. 

Headwaters Marketing & Innovation BBB Business Review

​​​​revenue growth needs to be enabled as a system; a path that's far more natural than most realize

Bottom-line only thinking and actions fail to create top-line results. Why tolerate the erosion of sales and marketing effectiveness, when you can reverse it almost immediately with our   objective 360 discovery insights. Transform your organization to adapt to thrive for the future. Become that organization that can shape value up and downstream across vital business and market ecosystems... as in nature's ecosystem.


We offer a special excursion that greatly increases the strategic relevance of HR/Training and Development. We also do that in collaborative partnership with marketing to shape the Next Gen Marketing that matters. We essentially connect HR and Marketing to inspire and enable business and earn market regard across your success ecosystem.

Align your brand and business culture, mindset and skills to meet changing market expectations with better strategy, sales, R&D, channels, support, innovation, inclusion & agility.

Manage today with greater confidence about tomorrow. Be authentic, open and value driven. Get past status quo and business silos that stop your business from realizing its maximum flow? 

we Enable that flow.   

Marketing, mandated for revenue growth & a great customer experience is failing

per a new Deloitte report

Enable your internal marketing professionals and agencies to work with greater insight, foresight & purpose than most have access to.

1. View market forces shaping new expectations in an objective, timely, agile manner empowering across all functions.

2. Our mission is to revitalize your passion to make a difference by enabling you to create a deeper value and regard internally and externally.

Glacial processes, complexity and solution silos defeat real agility.

Does your culture, core processes and functions enable faster, better insight, a wealth of high impact ideas, strategies and actions at the speed of market opportunity?

​Stop missing out and start integrating tour business with what matters.

Increase innovation success,  access, breadth of application and opportunity.

Expand internal insight, qualified ideas and inclusion to create a culture of performance, trust & pride as one natural system. Innovation is vital, but it need not be complicated, slow or expensive.